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2400Mbps Dual Band Wireless-AC MU-MIMO Gigabit Router Now with the latest Multi-User MIMO Beamforming Technology for the 802.11ac wireless standard, allo.. Product #: FG7008GR(AC)


2400Mbps Dual Band Wireless-AC MU-MIMO Gigabit Router

Now with the latest Multi-User MIMO Beamforming Technology for the 802.11ac wireless standard, allow your customers to experience the FG7008GR(AC), a compelling gateway capable of providing extremely fast and remarkable wireless speeds for your customers’ wireless needs.

Key Features:

  • Beamforming Technology
  • Concurrent Dual Band Wireless Connectivity: Wireless-AC data transfer rate up to 600Mbps (2.4GHz) and 1800Mbps (5GHz) frequency band
  • 2 x USB 3.0 Ports to enjoy a faster method of sharing a connected storage’s files throughout the network
  • Multi-User MIMO
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
  • Easy Setup and Installation


In-stores Availability:


Beamforming Technology

Track devices and focus its wireless signals directly to the devices that need it, disregarding wireless interferences (e.g. thick walls, other wireless devices etc.) and dramatically improving wireless speed and wireless performance.

Up to 625Mb/s Data Transfer rates

High-speed sharing of EXTREMELY large files (e.g. Full HD Videos, Installers) from an attached storage on the FG7008GR(AC), across the network.

Backward Compatibility

USB 3.0 Ports are backward compatible to other USB Port versions (USB 2.0 and USB 1.0. 

Media Server

Share your digital media to an array of modern consumer devices such as computers, smart phones, smart TVs, media players, game consoles and other capable multimedia devices.

Built-in Torrent Client

Store the downloaded content to the attached USB storage device. Torrent is a P2P file sharing protocol used for efficiently distributing large data over the internet.


Warranty Information
* 2 years

Physical Measurements

  • Dimensions: 185(L) x 209(H) x 50(W) mm


  • Two USB 3.0 Hosts
  • Four RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Ports (Auto MDI/MDIx)
  • RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet WAN port
  • DC Jack for Power Input

 Buttons and Switch

  • WPS Button (Front Panel)
  • LED ON/OFF Button (Front Panel)
  • Reset Button (Back Panel)


  • Power
  • 1-4 Ethernet Link Status
  • 5.0GHz Wireless Link Status
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Link Status
  • USB Link Status
  • IPTV Link Status
  • Broadband
  • Internet Status
  • WPS Status
  • LED ON/OFF Status


  • Internet Connectivity Options
  • FTTH via ONT

 WLAN Features

  • IProtocol : 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Standard Compliant
  • Frequency Bands : Concurrent 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz
  • Multi-User MIMO with Beamforming Technology for 4x4 802.11ac
  • Built-in Antennas : 3x3 for 2.4GHz up to 600Mbps (Turbo QAM) | 4x4 for 5.0GHz up to 1800Mbps

 Device Tools and Features

  • Supports TR-069 for Remote Management
  • Web-Based Device Management
  • Web-Based Firmware Upgrade (Local)
  • Soft Factory Reset Button via Web GUI
  • IPv6 Support
  • Syslog Support


  • MAC Address Filtering
  • WiFi Protected Setup Feature
  • NAT for Basic Firewall support
  • Packet Filtering Firewall Support
  • Stateful Packet Inspection Support
  • URL Filtering
  • Protection against Denial of Service attacks
  • Real-Time Attack and Alert Logs
  • SSH Support

 Additional Security

  • Smart Guided Interface
  • USB Storage Sharing
  • Media Server
  • Built-in Torrent Client (Optional)

 Power Specifications

  • Input Voltage : 12VDC
  • Input Current : 3.0A


  • Operating Temperature : 0° to 50° C
  • Operating Humidity : 30% to 80% Relative Humidity (Non-Condensing)

1. Please DO NOT upgrade your device over wireless connection.

2. If the unit is working properly with the existing firmware, do not upgrade.

3. Firmware release depends from country to country, download the firmware only if you're living in the country/region.




User Manual v1.0

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Easy Start Guide v1.0

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