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Infrared Cooker Warm, stir-fry, barbecue, boil, steam boat, stew, or even simple cooking – with the Aztech IFC300 In.. Product #: IFC300


Infrared Cooker

Warm, stir-fry, barbecue, boil, steam boat, stew, or even simple cooking – with the Aztech IFC300 Infrared Cooker, you can swiftly cook your favourite meals using any heat-resistant cookware that you have at home!

Key Features:

  • True Power 2000W
  • Black Ceramic Plate
  • Cookware Friendly – able to use with any heat-resistant pot and pan including glass, ceramic, clay pot and stainless steel
  • 6 Cooking Functions – Warm, Stir-Fry, BBQ, Boiling, Steam Boat and Stew
  • 4-hour Timer
  • Multiple Safety Features
  • Temperature Control Buttons and LED Display


In-stores Availability:

Cooking Made Swift and Easy

The Aztech IFC300 Infrared Cooker uses infrared light to transfer heat directly to the cooking ware, allowing you to cook your meals much faster compared to using traditional gas stove.

6 Cooking Functions

The Aztech IFC300 has six cooking functions to choose from: (1) Warm, (2) Stir Fry, (3) BBQ, (4) Boiling, (5) Steam Boat, and (6) Stew. Simply select the preferred function and the Aztech IFC300 will automatically function as desired.

Black Ceramic Plate

For its design, the Aztech IFC300 uses a compression-resistant black crystal ceramic plate which not only provides an easy to clean surface, but also enables an energy efficient method in maximising the transfer of heat to cooking utensils.

Cookware Friendly

The infrared technology enables the IFC300 to effectively heat almost any kind of heat resistant cookware, including ceramic, clay pot, glass and stainless steel.

Touch Buttons & LED Display

The Aztech IFC300 is equipped with touch sensor buttons to provide an easier means of accessing the appliance’s functionalities such as Child Safety Lock, Timer button, Temperature Adjustment buttons (+ and -), Function button, and ON/OFF button.

In addition, this appliance also utilises status LEDs including a four-digit LED display which indicates the current functions and settings used and/or other warnings that will help you identify the infrared cooker’s current settings at a glance.

Temperature Control

You can precisely increase or decrease the cooking temperature whenever needed. Adjustable temperature up to 600°C.

4-Hour Timer

Provides up to 4-hour cooking span for any of the 6 cooking functions.

Safety Features


Child-Safety Lock – safeguards all the buttons while cooking, removing unwanted temperature control from children during its operation.


Overheat Protection – automatically turns OFF the Infrared Cooker once its surface temperature reaches 650°C.


Over-Temperature Protection –automatically turns OFF the Infrared Cooker once its internal temperature reaches 90°C.


Over / Low Voltage Protection –automatically turns OFF the Infrared Cooker if the voltage is higher than 270V or lower than 100V.


Max Temperature Indicator – after cooking, the Max Temperature Indicator will only turn OFF once the plate’s temperature is lower than 60°C.


Constant Power Protection – ensures power output is provided when cooking, as long as it is within the voltage range.





Warranty Information
* 1 year


Dimensions: Plate: 380mm x 310mm x 60mm ( L x W x H ), Cooktop : Ø 200mm

Weight: 3KG

Power: 230V ~ 50 / 60Hz, 2000W

Plate: Black Crystal Plate

Touch Sensor Buttons:

  • Child Safety Lock
  • Timer
  • Temp ( + and - )
  • Function
  • ON / OFF

Safety Protection Features:

  • Overheat Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Over/Low Voltage Protection
  • Constant Power Protection
  • Child-Safety Lock
  • Max Temperature Indicator

Cooking Functions:

  • Warm
  • Stir Fry
  • BBQ
  • Boiling
  • Steam Boat
  • Stew

Timer: Up to 4 Hours ( for each function )

Other Features:

  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Max Temperature Indicator
  • Noise Free ( ≤20db )


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